Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Kindness

Yesterday as I was looking over some items at a store, I heard a lady apologize to Kaiya for bumping into her. I didn't see the lady bump her, but I guess I wasn't really looking. Then the lady did something odd. She asked me if she could give both my girls a dollar. I stammered that it was up to her since it was her money. To be honest my first thoughts were that I don't know this woman, so what is she going to want in return? What's the catch? Why would a stranger give both my children a dollar?

I decided that although I didn't know her reasons, I would accept this as a blessing from God especially when I heard my daughters comments. Abrea exclaimed how nice that lady was and how we should invite her to the coffee shop. She innocently accepted the kindness.

How often do we perform random acts of kindness for others? How often do we do that for strangers?

From another angle, how often do we question the motives behind kindnesses we receive?

How often do we question what God gives us?

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