Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who prayed?

Although I would like to say that every single day I pray blessing on Corner Coffee and Corner Church, the reality is that I don't. Yesterday morning I did though. I prayed knowing that we fully rely on God and need His blessing and provision. My heart was definitely into it and not just saying some prayer by rote.
Cheryl told me yesterday that lunch was really busy. This morning I saw Allison, who worked yesterday at the shop. She said it was unbelievably busy during lunch and that they kept running out of things. She told me she even thought, "Who prayed?"
Because I had heard a good report, I prayed again for the shop this morning and thanked God for what He had done yesterday. He heard my prayers and blessed the shop, which made me want to give Him thanks.
Today, lunch was busy again. Just when I thought our lunch rush was over, in walked more people. This happened a few times. It was again an answer to prayer.
God doesn't always answer my prayers like this, but I hope I can always be faithful to give Him credit when He does.

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